Buyyart New Maxx Pamma 786 Autocut Digital Smd Rework Station



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  • Closed-loop control sensors with intelligent cooling system digital LED temperature display advantage: smd tool quick 858d is used of imported air pump for low vibration, noise-free design and maintain a quiet working environmentClosed-loop control sensors of 858d smd tool, so that temperature accuracy and stability 786d is a good smd tool and an ideal for safe demolition solder qfp, plcc, sop, bga and other chips and components which are temperature-sensitive
  • With intelligent cooling system, after the shutdown delay completion of the work of air on 858d smd tool, its air temperature lower than 100 degree Celsius automatically cut off power supplyUse of imported heating wire, quick 858d smd tool can be heating up fast, long service life, welding safety and adjustable temperature constantDesign includes a digital LED temperature display, so that the operation of 858d smd tool is more convenient and accurate
  • Anti-static design prevents leakage due to static electricity and damaged componentsInput voltage 220vac ± 10 percent 50hz/110vac ± 10 percent 60hz output power 280w (max) air pump membrane type temperature range 100 degree Celsius – 480 degree Celsius air output 23l/min (the max) Display digital LED display dimension 245(l)187(w)135(h)mm weight 2kg

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