Buyyart New AC 220V 60W Soldering Iron 200-450 ℃ Adjustable Temperature



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  • Brand new and high quality.*60 walt 220volt soldering iron, quick heating and thermostatic, perfect for personal soldering. 60W Solder Iron is ideal for hobbies, kits, radios, and electronics work. What you should note, this soldering iron doesn’t come with stand, for avoid burns, additional soldering iron stand is very necessary.
  • Features This soldering Iron solder tool adopts durable and ceramic heater. Light weight with a heat resistant plastic handle. Possessing fast and heat dissipation, withstanding high voltage and temperatures to avoid burning out the heater
  • Iron plated tip and stainless steel construction for longer life. Easy to replace the iron tip. Adopt the newest power lead wire chase, the heater and power lead can not be pull-apart when used together. Lightweight Pencil Tip Shape Protective Heat Shield to prevent burns Specification Power: 60 Voltage: 220~240V Weight: 156g Color: green ,Yellow and transparent Package Included: 1 x Soldering Irons Tool
  • How to solder? Step 1. Clean the parts to be joined Step 2. Clean soldering iron tip and “tin” all faces of tip with a coating of solder. Step 3. Heat parts (not solder) to be be joined. Step 4. Apply flux-core solder to heated parts, not the soldering tip, and heat it till solder melts and flows freely.
  • Cautions: Smoke will normally come out for a short period in the first operation. Use with soldering stand to avoid any personal injury or get burned. Don’t remove the tip before the soldering iron cool down. Let the soldering iron cool down naturally after use. Never put the soldering iron near inflammable stuffs. Package including: 1 * AC 220V 60W Soldering Iron 200-450 ℃ Adjustable Temperature

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